A project describing doctor and hospital management system

Doctor and Hospital Management System Project is one such system used by folks residing in rural areas and do not have access to hospitals. Doctor and Hospital Management System Project support a computerized self test for users where they can get suggestion for right medicines as well as medical advice sitting in the comfort of their homes.

The Doctor and Hospital Management System consists of three modules which are general diseases, curable diseases and non curable diseases. Patients need to choose any of the three given categories. In general diseases also there are various kinds of diseases. Various queries will be posted by the system itself and users are required to answer all the queries. Self Diagnosis will answer the questions on the basis of which related medicines and medical advice will be displayed by the system.

In the same way, suggestions and symptoms will be suggested by Self Diagnosis System for both curable and non curable diseases.

The database of the Doctor and Hospital Management System will be updated by the administrator if there is any change related to medicines and medical advice specific to a disease. Administrator can access the system with the help of a username and password.

The purpose behind Self-diagnosis with advanced hospital management is to facilitate a self test to the users in case the folks are not accessible to hospitals. This application has made use of heuristic search techniques in artificial intelligence i.e. greedy local search. Other than this the system also gives a chance to patients where they can hold one-to-one discussions with the related doctor. This can be done through online chatting and discussion forum. Therefore through this medium patients can get good medical advice on their health problems.

What happens is that self diagnosis creates a report on basis of the information provided by the patients. The report generated contains patient disease name, his symptoms severity level and the medical advice as provided by system. The suggestion provided can be in two forms. One can be the medicine suggested on the basis of symptoms severity level and second can be a meeting with the doctor which suggests that the patient may be in a critical state.

Additionally advanced hospital management consists of a patient billing system from the time when he/she is admitted in the hospital. Patient billing includes payment made for the doctor, rooms, dispensaries, servants.

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