Educational Website for Students and Teachers

A university professor with over 10 years of experience in the field of international education has created a new website dedicated to learning and teaching. The website, combines articles about international people, places, and companies with proven teaching methods and exciting online learning applications. Students and teachers alike can benefit from using this free site.

Language learners, as well as those fluent in English, can enjoy reading and/or listen to a variety of topics. They can also take a quiz, play a game or share their opinions through a video response. All these activities can be done individually and anyone who starts will be sure to learn something new.

Teachers can use the content of the website in their classrooms by printing the free PDFs and using the audio available on SoundCloud. The content will be sure to spark student interest and keep students engaged on the topics discussed. Each PDF is formatted in the same 5-page layout so that teachers can easily print and use the lessons with little or no preparation time. Answer keys, as well as an individualized project idea, are also included in every lesson.  Teachers can assign these production activities to their students to supplement the content the students have studied.

Students and teachers agree is a great way to learn about people, places, and companies around the globe. The creator of the site is named Adam and thus comes the name
“first man”. Adam knows because he is an educator. Please have a look at the site and enjoy the free educational content there. Adam is also willing to take requests for articles that you or any teacher might want to give to his or her students.