Free Paper Presentations for Professionals

Everybody while studying their professional degree might have experienced an awkward situation where you need to submit a paper presentation but you don’t know what the format is and how to prepare it. But now a days there are several sites which are offering several paper presentations for free. The paper presentation requirements will differ from group to group. The ECE students require papers on Transistors and Analog or Digital Communications, where as the CSE students look for new techniques in programming languages and the EEE people will look for transformers and motors. SO, it won’t be an easy task for any website to fill each and everybody’s requirements

Now a days, some enthusiastic professionals created some websites which work based on students support. The user will be required to update his/her paper presentation once his/her project got completed. Then the website checks whether the project is already updated or not. If the project is updated, then it will ignore. If the project is not there, then that paper presentation will be updated to that website giving original credentials to the uploader. All the presentations updated like this will be available for other students for free and they can’t use them as it is based on moral and ethical grounds. Students will get new ideas after seeing so many ppts and these ppts can work as a reference to clarify doubts. This system completely works based on trust and several websites working on same model are giving good results.

Not only ppts, mini projects and main projects can also be shared based on the same technique. This trend is very popular in developing countries like USA, Australia but whereas this sharing and developing trend is new to India and it is taking time to get popular. Once all the students realize the potential of this, they will automatically share and help in development of others. The original uploader can even clarify the doubts regarding to his ppt and in this way he will remember this project for life time. In future, all these ppt and project sharing websites will have a key role to play to enable students think innovatively and also by helping them in completing their ppts and projects effectively.


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