GRE – Preparation Tips

GRE is the shorter form of Graduate Record Examination. One needs to write this exam and score well to get admission in good universities of USA. In the previous pattern the score is measured out of 1600.




Now the pattern had changed and the maximum score in present pattern of GRE is 340. To be frank, it is really possible to achieve a perfect 340 in GRE and some people already achieved this. One needs to practice cautiously to score maximum in this exam. GRE exam will have two sections one is verbal reasoning and the other is quantitative reasoning. Both sections scores will be in the range of 130-170 with one point increments. Here are some tips one need to follow to get good score in GRE.

  • Most of the Indian students are good in Quantitative Reasoning section of GRE. Try to get more marks in Verbal Reasoning also.
  • Use ETS OG, Barron’s 19th edition, Maths strategy guides (First 4 books) for the Quant Section and  Manhattan RC guide, ETS OG, Barron’s, online SC and TE Questions for Verbal. Word Power Made Easy and Barron’s HF333 can be very useful for verbal section.
  • Based on the GRE score only, one will get the scholarships. Try to get highest score so that the fee burden on you will be less.
  • Try to read blogs and news papers. This will not only help you in increasing your vocabulary but also helps you in the AWA section of GRE.
  • Along with SC and TE, give importance to the Reading Comprehension passages also. Usually SC and TE questions are easy and the RC questions are tricky in GRE.
  • Don’t stress on vocabulary too much. Know and memorize all new words you encounter in mock tests along with word lists and Barron’s HF333.
  • Use the one minute breaks to take deep breathes and don’t lose concentration in between the sessions of exam.
  • Use the 10 minute break to eat or drink something and for going to washroom. Don’t talk to anybody in these ten minutes and don’t refer any study material.
  • Don’t study anything one day before the exam. Take light food and have at least eight hours of sleep.

Enter the exam hall with positive mind set and with full confidence.