Hindi and English IIT JEE Keys 2014

Joint Entrance Examination, famously known as JEE is the dream for students who had completed their studies Plus Two. This exam is held at national level and only a handful of candidates can pass through it. Based on the performance (ranks) of this exam only, one will get admission into prestigious institutions like IIT, NITs etc. These colleges hold good name for their research oriented inclusive study for years. IIT and NIT’s are the best engineering colleges of India holding good reputation all over the world. Most of the colleges give separate coaching for this examination apart from standard Plus Two, Intermediate etc.

JEE exam for this year held on April 6th and several lakhs of students had appeared for this exam national-wide. This exam is held in Hindi and English mediums i.e. the question paper is available in English and Hindi. To avoid malpractice in exam hall, different sets starting from A-H are given. The questions are same in all the papers, but the order in which they appear changes from set to set. The answer sheet is OMR and almost all the questions are objective type. This year along with basic understanding of the topics the questions also tested the candidate’s practical approach towards the subject. The quantative aptitude questions are easy to solve and most of the students faced difficulty in solving the questions related to chemistry than physics. Maths is relatively easy when compared with the other two.

The key for this exam is not yet released officially, but several colleges, institutions and websites are coming up with their version of answers/keys for JEE. Though most of the times these keys are same, they vary in the way of answering and shortcuts. So, it is always a better option for students to go with answers and keys released by different institutions and check their answers and the different ways of answering the questions. This also helps in answering the questions efficiently and correctly in very less time thereby giving chances to improve their score in future exams. Congrats for the students who wrote JEE really well and all the best for students for other entrance exams.