How to Be an Educated Man

How to Be an Educated Man – 3 Steps

Being the learned or knowledgeable one within your circle of friends has its own advantages and quirks.   Your friends have the tendency to respect you or even idolize you.  They also tend to ask your opinion over many things and even ask your precious advice.  However, one must know that being “learned” doesn’t equate into something like an intellectual snob or cynic.  You can be the walking dictionary without the sarcasm.  How do you do it? Follow these few tips and bask in the glory of being the “learned one:”

How to Be an Educated Man
How to Be an Educated Man


  • Be a wide reader. Interest yourself in reading a lot of things.  Know the what, where, when, and how of things that are worth learning about.
  • Be a good conversationalist as well as a listener. Talk about the things you learned and give your points and opinions. However, be a good listener, too.  Everyone has their own story and idiosyncrasy.  You can learn from them and they can learn from you also.
  • Be sensible. Know the occasion, people you are spending time with and their personality.  Remember that sensibility is one of the true marks of a learned man.  Example, you are joking with green remarks—underlined—with every innuendo you say during a conversation in a formal occasion.  Do you think you’re acting intelligently?
  • Be someone who uses his or her time wisely. Learn how to play an instrument, read, write, solve puzzles, and live your life.  You can learn in many ways, so spend your time with the very things that can expand your horizons and make you into a learned one you are aiming to be.
How to Be an Educated Man
How to Be an Educated Man