How to become an immigration officer

How to become an immigration officer – 11 tips

Many people opt for immigration, for which they have to go to immigration office.  Follow certain procedures regarding immigration only then they can immigrate to another country.  An immigration officer is a government employee who enforces law relating to immigration, border and customs.  This officer should know about all the rules and regulations regarding immigration and should be registered and have the certificate in order to become an immigration officer.  There are some steps that need to be followed to become immigration officer.  They are as follows:


How to become an immigration officer
How to become an immigration officer


  • Become a united states citizen and reside in the United States for atleast three of the five years before applying for ICE.  This will allow you to at least attempt the examination.
  • Obtain a valid drivers liscence and maintain a clean record.
  • Maintain a clean criminal record:  There should not be any criminal or felony charges in relation to firearms or domestic violence.  If there are any such record you will be disqualified.
  • Maintain physical fitness and overall health:  Before applying for ICE you should keep your physical fitness perfect and so your health.  You will be also checked on these two aspects.
  • You can either apply as special agent, a deportation officer, or a detention and deportation officer depending on your interest:  Special agents are involved with law enforcing issues, including criminal and terrorist investigation.  Deportation officer focus on immigration issue and detention officers focus on removal of problems.
  • Take the initial written test.
  • Sit for the oral examination, personal interview and a second written test.
  • Pass physical tests, involving fitness, sight and hearing.
  • Attend ICE training.
  • Attend supplementary education upon graduation of ICE training:  This will prepare you for your specific position and areas of interest.
  • Take your placement letter and you will be placed anywhere within the US or abroad.

Follow all the procedures above and you can become an immigration officer as per your wish and take the post that you have always wanted to. Make a great carrier out of ICE.


How to become an immigration officer
How to become an immigration officer