How to get a PHD degree in usa, phd degree in india

PhD has always been considered a very high degree.  Individuals who get a PhD are always looked upon with great respect and are taken as people who have in depth knowledge about the particular subject.  Once you have this degree you can join a college or university or become a research assistant and also enter into government laboratories.  If one wants to pursue a subject and have a detailed and in depth knowledge on the subject and is willing to do the research years on end then he or she can take up PhD and get the degree.  It is one of the best degrees.


  • Complete the required pre-requisite education:  If one wants to get a PhD then he or she should complete the basic education after which they can apply for this degree.
  • Develop a close relationship with one of the faculty:  You can have close relation in the sense attend the professors classes more often, assist the professor with the work and tell them that you want to pursue the research and apply for PhD.  They will be more than happy to help a talented student.
  • Obtain experience in the field:  Get more exposure and experience in the particular field by applying for research assistant.  This will give you more scope to learn things in detail.
  • Apply to graduate programs.
  • Secure letter for recommendation from the people that you work with, it will be very helpful.
  • Write a statement of purpose yourself.
  • Submit the application before deadline.
  • Choose a degree.
  • Submit your plan of study.
  • Complete the course work.
  • Do the research properly and collect the data required.
  • Prepare a thesis.
  • Prepare for the oral discussion of your work.
  • Apply for departmental grants.
  • Balance your teaching responsibility with research and coursework.
  • Always stay organized.

Do the following things and you are ready to apply for a PhD and also manage it perfectly fine without any trouble or issues.  Go ahead and explore your options well.