How to learn tables upto 20 in 2 hours

Mathematics is a subject that most of the students dread.  There are so many calculations, logic and reasoning that is required in this subject.  But, there are students who love this subject and tend to solve all the problems with much ease.  People who excel in math usually use better strategies and are considered to be intelligent as they can easily calculate sums in their brains and can give answers within minutes.  The basic funda of solving math problems is use easier method and get the answer correct and fast, use complicated method, get incorrect answer and the process will be very slow.  Basically it does not have to do anything with your brain.


how to learn tables
how to learn tables


Doing well and excelling in math mean knowing the tables well.  at times children do have difficulty in remembering the tables.  While writing they might get it correct, but when asked verbally there might be problems getting the right answer.

There is a simple method to learn the tables fast and remember it as well.  With this procedure one can master up to ten times tables in 15 minutes and up to 20 times tables in half an hour.

10 times table is easy to remember.  In this you need to add a zero after any digit and you will get the answer.  In 2 times table we get bigger by 5 (starting at 5) the next number will be 10, so basically you need to take the zero off by 10 and replace it with 5.  The odd numbers are a bit difficulty for example what is 9×5? 9×10=90 half of 90=45 so 9×5=45.  In 2 times table each number gets bigger by 2(starting with 2) for example 2×1=2 2×2=4.  For the 4 times table simply double the answer of 2 times table.

how to learn tables
how to learn tables


There are many easy methods to learn tables up to 20 and also remember them.  Math can be a fun subject is the concept is instilled very well and the child understands it thoroughly.  Then the subject is a piece of cake for the student and he or she will score good grades.