how to prepare yourself for competition – 3 Steps

To get into healthy competitions is always nice.  It not only builds up our confidence but also helps us to learn things accurately, with precision, to give those many number of hours for practice and then give out our best during the day of he competition.  It is not easy to get through once you enter a competition.  One needs to go through a rigid and specific routine which will ensure that you come out as a winner.  Competitions are in different fields and one has to work for it so that he or she can emerge as a winner.

Assess the nature of the competition.  You should know what kind of competition you are entering into.  This will let you prepare for it really well. If you are competing in a sport against a team, know the team’s tendencies, strengths and weaknesses. This will help you to plan better strategies to win the game. If you are, for example: in a skating competition or an exam, when all you can do is prepare yourself, then do so, and ignore what others do because you could be answering the same exam with the same answers, but because of others’ performances, you could be top of the class or just middle of the field.

Adapt and react.  Adapt well to the situation and react on time accordingly any delay might lead to failure.

The cool-down period. Preparing yourself AFTER the competition is also a skill in itself. It is important that after the competition you relax.  You have put in really hard work and lot of your time for the competition, so once it is over, the body and mind needs to relax.

Follow all of these techniques and you are ready to enter into a competition.  Be it any kind it does not matter and you will emerge as a winner and have the confidence to get into the next level as well and beat your opponents very easily  by performing at your best abilities and using the correct strategies and plans.