IELTS – Preparation Tips

IELTS is the shorter form of International English Language Testing System. IELTS test will have 4 sections i.e. Listening, Writing, Reading and Speaking.

One must follow some tips while preparing for IELTS to get good score.

  • Use the web extensively. Search in the internet what type of questions they are asking in IELTS and make out your own way to crack it.
  • Consult the near British Council. They will help you in cracking the test easily by providing materials and other resources. One can even join in practise classes offered by them.
  • Even IELTS website itself has preparing CD’s and DVD’s. These are official are help you in understanding the test pattern and asking question’s type better.
  • Try to note out the strong points and weak points in you (about the test). You must be very good in the 4 sections of the test.
  • Listen to English Channels like BBC, CNN and try to watch English movies of different accents.
  • Choose a realistic goal and practise like anything.
  • Increase your personal writing and reading speed. This will help you in completing the test early.
  • Develop a memory for English. Try to remember as much synonyms and antonyms as possible and don’t commit grammar mistakes.
  • Study and look carefully at each part of the test and give equal importance to evry section.

One can get the official materials at any local test centre or even order them from the official IELTS website. Along with these tips one need to know some common mistakes usually students commit. Don’t mix IELTs with TOEFL preparation. Though both are language tests, they are entirely different in test patterns. IELTS is all about accuracy. Try to minimize spelling, grammar and writing errors in the test. Get ready with different variations of accents (English, American, Australian etc). In the test avoid slang and accents and be cautious with mother tongue influence. Avoid contradict statements and shorter form of words. Follow these tips and you will get good marks in IELTS. All the best for your IELTS exam.