IES ECS UPSC Books, Best books for UPSC-IES-ESE

Books are the only means to get knowledge and also one can share it with others.  It is through books that one gets lot of general knowledge and also prepares for examinations.  There are publishers who publish books particularly for the exams or different subjects.  This is how certain books become famous and people use it in order to get through the examination with flying colours.


Books are considered to be friends of human beings.  As they give company, lot of knowledge and the IQ also increases of a person who reads lot of books and that too different kinds of books.  Every field has its own set of books for reference and study.  Similarly when it comes to Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering there are certain books that should be referred and read to pass in the examination with excellent marks.  Few books will be discussed here so that one can go ahead and buy them and derive all the benefits by reading and studying the particular book.


These books are available online which can be purchased easily.  Each book is by different author and is published by different publishers.  But these books have become very famous and well known for the particular subject Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering.  Many students buy the following books and get lot of knowledge in the subject and prepare well for the examination.


IES, GATE PSUs:  A handbook on Electronics Communication Engineering by Author ME Team, publisher is Made by Easy Publications.  This book is priced at Rs160/- in Amazon and Rs240/- in Flipkart.


UPSC ES :  Includes solved papers 2013 and practice papers 4th edition by Author Deepk Gupta and publisher is GK Publications.  This book is priced at Rs436/- in Amazon and Rs437/- in Flipkart.


Chapter wise solved papers (2013-2000) IES Electronics and Telecommunication engineering objective paper I & II 3rd edition, Author Manish Purbey and publisher is Arihant Publishers.  This book is priced at Rs350/- in both Amazon and Flipkart.


Buy the following books and get all the knowledge and details about the subject which will help you do well in the exam.