M. Tech project : cloud computing with report

Business Model for Cloud Computing explains a final year M Tech project that consists of description of certain elements such as project, project design, project development and its source code.

cloud computing with report
cloud computing with report


User Registration and Control:

A business model for Cloud computing is proposed in the study and is based on what is known as Separate Encryption and Decryption Service. The concept that is made use of is the separation between the storage and encryption/decryption of user data. This business model does not witness the use of one single operator for Encryption/Decryption as a SaaS which holds for Service and Storage as a Service. Besides the unencrypted user data may not be stored by SaaS provider. However; if once the Encryption/Decryption as a service has completed encrypting of user data with use of provider, it is passed off to an application known as CRM system. One thing to note here is that all encrypted and decrypted data is deleted by the encryption/ decryption system.

Business management often sees the concept of dividing authority. For example, just the way the responsibility of a firm’s finances is divided between a chartered accountant and a cashier. While accountant holds the responsibility for keeping the accounts, cashier has his/her say in making payments to account holders. By making these two divisions work separately, the firm can easily avoid the accountant from falsifying accounts and thereby looting corporate funds.

That is the reason why all official documents carry the dual seal-the corporate one and second belongs to a legal representative. This not only prevents company staff from making misuse of their positions to issue misappropriate documents but also think twice before doing anything wrong or illegal. Generally these seals are entrusted to two people. The above stated example explains the division of authority in a perfect way and how it avoids the concentration of power at one place which indirectly can enhance operational risks.


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