Popular snake game project in C language

C language is known for its rigid nature and at the same time it is flexible to implement any type of code. Everybody who had completed their professional degrees might have at least some idea about this professional language. Starting from small kids to older generation, everybody might have at least once played the snake game. The concept of this game is simple; there will be a point (food) placed randomly on the screen. Once the head of the snake touches the food, it will vanish from there and appears at another place and the snake once again tries to touch it. Whenever the snake touches (eats) the food, it will increase the length of the snake resulting in more complexity. After some threshold, the length of the snake reduced to its first instance and the speed of the snake will get increased. This is a simple game and anyone with basic understanding of C language can easily implement this.

The player has to change the direction of the snake with the help of arrows left, right, up and down. To increase the complexity of the game sometimes we may place some obstacles in order to avoid the snake from reaching its food. One can first try this in a simple way and later on can add an advanced user interface with colourful settings. As it is already developed project you can find assistance for this project very easily. There are several sample codes available and anyone can try and further develop this code to a new level. This will be a great mini-project for MCA students where as it can be done as mini or main project for CSE and IT students.

This game can be easily developed on Turbo C and the length of the code is also very limited. One can build a highly addictive game by keeping the timer settings, race against other players etc. This program is very simple and will suit exclusively for gaming lovers and C programming freshers. You can even keep the record of high scores without maintaining separate database. Apart from Turbo C, no other software or database is required to implement this game.