BSNL TTA Books – Telecom Technical Assistant Recruitment 2014

Every individual refers book or rather reads or studies them to understand any and every subject.  A book can give us lot of knowledge and many books are written in simple English so that the reader can understand the subject with ease and apply the knowledge where required.  People who want to join the telecom industry also have to go through and exam and only then will they get the job.  One such post is Telecom technical assistant.  For this BSNL conducts examination and there are certain books that one must read in order to get through the examination.


These books are available online for the students to buy and study.  They are reasonably priced and one can go through the review of the books as well.  These books are available in flipkart website.  To name a few the books goes by the name BSNL-TTA recruitment examination, this book has practice paper and solved paper of 2013 and is the fifth edition.

The next book is the combo pack study guide, BSNL TTA and practice papers, BSNL recruitment examination (this actually is a set of two books).

The other option is to buy BSNL TTA Exam practice workbook:  It has general ability test basic engineering specialization (10 mock test + 1 past paper)

There are many books available in the market which will support the students and candidates who want to get into the technical department of telecom industry.  These books are very helpful when it comes to attempting the exam, as they give mock tests and also give the answers.  Many books will have past papers which will give the student an idea as to how the question paper is framed and what kind of questions might be asked in the examination.

Get the best assistance from the above books and make yourself ready for the examination.  This way you are sure to get good score and get through the exam and land with the job that you always wanted to.  Merit always wins and will take you far in the long run.

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