TOEFL – Preparation Tips

TOEFL is the shorter form of Test Of English as a Foreign Language. One need to compulsory attend the TOEFL Test to get admission in some universities.

This exam tests the basic communication skills i.e. Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening in English. These skills are very important to perform well in any school. Based on the score of TOEFL itself some universities in the European Union and Australia give admissions. So good marks in TOEFL not only reflect your English proficiency but also help you in getting good education in the best universities. For those who are preparing for TOEFL, here are some tips to enhance your skills to get good marks.


Meet your friends who are appearing for TOEFL. It is always better to share ideas of preparation with friends. Meet the study group program organised by TOEFL itself, it is very useful to get good grip on English and to share tips with your friends.

ETS, who created this test, produced a free TOEFL tip guide to let you know how to prepare. This guide is made by experts and it really helps you in tackling the exam better. Even sample questions which are in the guide are of same standard and one needs to practise them to get good marks.

Rather than going with your institutes coaching material opt for official TOEFL tools. These are the standard ones and with them you will get good grip on every aspect of the Test. Don’t forget to go through the ETS Online Practise Test and also refer “The official Guide to TOEFL” released by ETS.

Listen to the teachers. They are the best guides to rectify your mistakes and to give tips. Follow their advice and practise accordingly. Ask your teacher for TOEFL tips and follow the tips which are suited for you.

Apart from this you need to study very hard to get good marks in this exam. TOEFL even offers scholarships for the students who performed really well in the exam. Each section is for thirty marks, making the total marks 120. Any score greater than 100 will be treated as good score. Finally, prepare well and all the best for your exam.