University of California Admissions 2014

How to Apply:- Candidates can apply for undergraduate/ graduate/ postgraduate courses and can choose the campus of their choice. While applying, candidates need to make sure that the enrolment department of the university must receive the application with official ACT/SAT/GRE scores. While applying choose more than one campus so that the chances of getting admission will be very high. One application is enough per semester and while applying one must follow the academic calendar (Fall/ Winter/ Spring). Applications must be filed within time and one must check whether the applied campus will be open on that time or not. All campuses are available to apply for Fall, where as for other seasons one must check before applying.

Campus selection:- All the campuses under the University of California starting from UC Berkeley to recent UC Merced are equally good. All the campuses boast of good academic facilities and qualified tutors. In the undergraduate category, 8 campuses ranked in top 100, 6 campuses in top 50 and 2 campuses in top 25. This itself shows how great this university is. Apart from rankings, one must also see other facilities like flexibility, transport facility from your residential location, food availability, library and faculty reputation of your discipline etc.

Those who want to join in the University of California for the Academic year 2014-15, the application process will open from 1st August 2014. In general, students who had applied first will be given the priority, so it is always better to make yourself ready by August 1st with all the necessary documents for applying.