University of Toronto – Admissions 2014

University of Toronto is known for its academic and research standards and is very famous all over the world. Students from all over the world are keen to join in this university and students from India are no exception to this.

One must know some important details before applying for any university and the procedure for applying is different from India to American universities. Sending an application for admission in University of Toronto is very easy and one can start this procedure when they are in the final year of the degree. There are several consulting agencies which can help you in doing this.

While applying, some important steps to be taken so that university will respond positively for your admission.

  • Go through the correspondence and the course details provided by the university. Carefully save and preserve them.
  • The name on the papers you are sending like sevis fee form, OUAC application etc must match with the academic record details.
  • Include U of T application number, OUAC reference number etc on all the hard copies and paper documents.
  • Make sure you are sending all the reference papers through trusted services and to the enrolment service division of the university.
  • Try to review the status of your application periodically using U of T review status.
  • One must also note that the procedure is different to apply for non degree courses and degree courses. Always prefer degree courses as these courses will have vale worldwide.

The fee procedure of American Universities differs from India. One must also note that you must produce all the documents that you or your supporter (usually father or mother) is in a position to pay the university fees. The university itself gives a detailed list of fees to support the education in USA.

  • Depending on program and campus, tuition fee will be around $5,865 or plus.
  • Incidental and ancillary fee – $1000
  • Books and other Supplies – $1000
  • Rent and Food (based on place residence and chosen meals type) – $7,500 – $15,000.
  • Transportation, Internet and Mobile, Personal care items – additional

The budget tool present in the admission category of University of Toronto website can give you a better idea and note that all these are only expected costs and tend to change with time.