Ajay Devgan to host Big Boss Season 8, Salman Khan seems unavailable

It seems that Salman Khan may not available for hosting Big Boss Season 8 and the show producers have finally zeroed in on Ajay Devgan who will be seen hosting the next season of Big Boss. And they think Ajay Devgan to be the best replacement for Dabangg Khan who successfully hosted the four seasons of Big Boss. But Bollywood actor Ajay Devgan is still in a dilemma that whether he will be able to host the show as skillfully as Salman Khan did for the past four seasons.

Ajay Devgan host Big Boss Season 8, Salman Khan seems unavailable
Ajay Devgan host Big Boss Season 8, Salman Khan seems unavailable

When media reporters asked him that whether he will take the show as a host if given a chance then Ajay Devgan shared his indecisiveness regarding the hosting if Big Boss Season 8. He also added that Salman Khan was superb and could manage to make people watch this reality show but he is not sure if he could pull it off like his fellow actor Salman Khan. Though he hasn’t seen much of Big Boss episodes but yes he has seen a little bit here and there.

Both Salman Khan and Ajay Devgan are good friends even after being contemporaries. Both have also worked together in some films like Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam and London Dreams. Ajay Devgan also said that he doesn’t believe on the fact that rivals cannot be friends and he has many friends in the film industry. Also Salman, Sanjay and he are very close friends and they also used to hang out together on the sets earlier but now since it has become more professional we have a great rapport with each other. He also added that whenever they need each other they do stand with each other.

Tanisha, Ajay Devgan’s Sister in Law and Kajol’s sister was one of the contestants in Big Boss Season 7 and Salman was even accused of being partial to Tanisha which led to a big controversy too. And that is why Salman Khan is not more interested in hosting Big Boss any longer. When Gauhar won the Big Boss, rumors died slowly after that.