Batman v Superman: Whose side are you in

Batman v Superman: Whose side are you in?

If you think that the upcoming movie now has a sequel, you’re definitely wrong. However, if you’re going to choose between the two DC Comics Heroes, whose side will you choose?


Well…we all know that good guys especially heroes isn’t supposed to fight each other, seriously. However, even heroes have their own set of beliefs and differences, just like you and me. The only important thing is, this movie isn’t about you and me. This is about Batman and Superman, if it isn’t that obvious.


Setting the jokes aside, this upcoming DC Comics movie is about Batman, the Gotham City’s Dark Night or Caped Crusader decides to come to Metropolis in order to pick a fight with Superman. The reason behind this one is the obvious fact that Batman is a human that wants to protect not only Gotham City but the whole world as well, while Clark Kent or Superman or Kal-El (his birth name) is a Kryptonian. Maybe for some time, Batman already knows that the Kryptonians are supposed to invade this world and that’s the reason why he just can’t trust Superman.

Batman v Superman: Whose side are you in
Batman v Superman: Whose side are you in


However, unknown to both of them, Lex Luthor has created Doomsday in order to fight them both. Whether they choose to kill each other or set their differences aside, it’s for the audiences to know.


Batman v Superman: The Dawn of Justice is scheduled for viewing by American DC Comics Fans in theatres on March 25 this year in United States. Just follow the upcoming movie’s site for more details.