bigg boss 8 contestants list

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With the upcoming season of the Bigg Boss, everyone in the country is already asking around about the theme and hottest gigs of the show for this Season 8. However, the newly designed alteration of the official eye logo, noting the central turbofan pupil, and the pilot outfit of the host Salman Khan has abated most of the speculations.

bigg boss 8 contestants list
bigg boss 8 contestants list



Bigg boss 8 overview In the first teaser of the Bigg Boss, charming show host Salman Khan is getting dressed in an impeccable pilot’s suit; while in the second, he’s flying an origami plane.  With all those clues (together with the turbofan pupil of the logo), we therefore conclude that this season’s theme is about aircrafts.  The show’s producers have declined to confirm the location of their taping, though. We, for the meantime, basing from the facts given, must content ourselves with our own musings.   Sunil Grover –  Bigg boss 8 Sunil Grover, better known as “Gutthi” of the Comedy Nights and who has launched his own show, ‘Mad in India,’ has confirmed his presence in the show.  This one housemate will is definitely one to watch out for.  His comedic and funny personality will make sure our bellies will ache and cholesterol will go bye-bye watching this heart-friendly housemate.

Sunil Grover -  Bigg boss 8
Sunil Grover – Bigg boss 8




Lulia Vantur – Bigg boss 8 Alluring Romanian model, Lulia Vantur, will sizzle up our time.  This one will surely spice up our view time and leave us on a tip-toe since Salman is an ex-bf of hers.  Surely, this sexy goddess will feed up rumor enthusiasts and set everyone aboard on fire!

Lulia Vantur - Bigg boss 8
Lulia Vantur – Bigg boss 8



Sherlyn Chopra – Bigg boss 8 Speaking of temperature- rising…. This one hot babe also known as the ‘Bad Girl’ of Indian Bollywood is also on the list of housmates on board. With her sassy reputation and looks, Sherlyn Chopra is one housemate you wouldn’t one to miss.

Sherlyn Chopra - Bigg boss 8
Sherlyn Chopra – Bigg boss 8



Poonam Pandey – Bigg boss 8 Not enough of Sherlyn and Lullia? Model/Actress Poonam Pandey is in!  This gal often surprises Indian netizens with her shocking (but sizzling) exhibitionist photos in social networking sites. Hope Poonam will stick to the house rules and give young viewers a shot in watching her on screen.  I smell something burning!

Poonam Pandey - Bigg boss 8
Poonam Pandey – Bigg boss 8



Ameesha Patel – Bigg boss 8 Ameesha Patel is a star of many Bollywood films with her critically appraised ‘Gadar: Ek Prem Katha’ in 2001, one of the biggest hits in the history of Hindi cinema.  This glamorous actress sparkles in the many films she starred in. Will she be able to outshine others in this show? With her aboard, the show doesn’t need any more star rating.  Her star quality is enough to put stars on the Bigg boss 8 rank.

Ameesha Patel - Bigg boss 8
Ameesha Patel – Bigg boss 8



Sofia Vasileiadoue –Bigg boss 8 Also known as Shanti Dynamte, Sofia Vasileiadou is a British star for chat shows with adult theme and the very first Indian Play girl.  This sexy diva has a mixture of Indian and Greek blood in her. Could she fit in with her other housemates? By the way, for additional info about Sofia… she had been cast for the BB8 after earning her spot in an upcoming Bollywood as an item girl.

Sofia Vasileiadoue -Bigg boss 8
Sofia Vasileiadoue -Bigg boss 8



Deepika Singh – Bigg boss 8 Indian television actress, Deepika Singh known for her role Sandhya Rathi in the famous soap opera, Diya Aur Baati Hum, comes aboard the Bigg Boss Season 8 housemates.  Will the free-spirited Sandhya hold on to the confines of BB8?

Deepika Singh - Bigg boss 8
Deepika Singh – Bigg boss 8



Hansika Motwani –  Bigg boss 8 Child actress—now a blossoming adult—Hansika Motwani is a famous face among Tamil and Telugu films.  A young achiever, Hansika attained the Filmfare Award for Best Female Debut (South).  Will she be able to win this as well?

 Hansika Bigg boss 8
Hansika Bigg boss 8



Rajneesh Duggal – Bigg boss 8 Now, here’s one yummy piece of a housemate. The handsome Rajneesh Duggal is a model-actor known for 1920 (2008), Dangerous Ishhq (2012) and Main Krishna Hoon (2013).  This guy is a certified winner since he acquired the Kingfisher Model Award for the year 2005. With him in the house, things will surely crackle.

Rajneesh Duggal - Bigg boss 8
Rajneesh Duggal – Bigg boss 8



Shaan-  Bigg boss 8 Shaan is a playback, actor and television host. His voice has sung popular, romantic and melodious songs that made us freshly in-love every time we hear it. The singer’s calm and composed character bring a twist among the enthusiastic personalities of his fellow housemates.  However, the question is: Will he be able to sing his way to the top in Bigg boss 8?

Shaan -  Bigg boss 8
Shaan – Bigg boss 8



Karan Tacker – Bigg boss 8

The first of the two Karans in this season. Karan Tacker is an Indian actor who started young in Indian entertainment world.  He has upcoming movies, ‘Kantha’ and ‘Soohan.’ This one’s a promising entertainment to the entire girl-dom.

Karan Tacker - Bigg boss 8
Karan Tacker – Bigg boss 8



Debina Bonnerjee – Bigg boss 8

Celebrity couple Gurmeet and Debina known for their tagline, “All work, no honeymoon” will be joining the show.   Debina Bonnerjee is an accomplished Indian actress who played opposite role as Sita to her now husband Gurmeet in the television series, Ramayan.  She will be joining BB8 along with her husband. Bigg Boss 8 casts sound like a powerhouse, don’t you think?

Debina Bonnerjee - Bigg boss 8
Debina Bonnerjee – Bigg boss 8



Alok Nath Jha – Bigg boss 8

Alok Nath Jha, the Babuji of social media and an accomplished actor (known on his appearance in Gandhi by Richard Attenborough) signed up for Bigg Boss Season 8.  I wonder if his kind ‘uncle’ character fit in with the housemates.

Alok Nath Jha - Bigg boss 8
Alok Nath Jha – Bigg boss 8



Kumar Vishwas – Bigg boss 8

Avant-garde poet/Professor/Politician Kumar Vishwas is enlisted as housemate for BB8.  He changed the way the younger Hindi generation looks on poetry.  With him on the board, I must say, this lot is quite a medley!

Kumar Vishwas - Bigg boss 8
Kumar Vishwas – Bigg boss 8



Rashmi Desai- Bigg boss 8

Rashmi Desai is an Indian television actress known for her portrayal of Tapasya Takkur in the popular soap Uttaran on Colors.  This young diva is also a fashion model and Kathak and Bharatnatyam dancer

Rashmi Desai- Bigg boss 8
Rashmi Desai- Bigg boss 8




Tina Dutta- Bigg boss 8

Another successful child-star on the list. Tina has been part of an international success film, Parineeta.  This it-girl can flare up men’s (or even boys’) dreams with them merely watching the Bigg Boss show.

Tina Dutta- Bigg boss 8
Tina Dutta- Bigg boss 8




Bharti Singh- Bigg boss 8

Another A-list comedian on our list.  Here’s one plump juicy humor that can satisfy your sweet tooth during the show.  Our lovely Bharti is not only known for her standup comedy, but is nationally ranked in pistol shooting and archery.  No wonder she can aim and target the most ticklish part of our guts.

Bharti Singh- Bigg boss 8
Bharti Singh- Bigg boss 8




Karan Kundra- Bigg boss 8

The second of the two Karans but definitely not a second-rate Karan.  This Indian he

artthrob is on the rise with his entertainment career, hence an interesting character in the Bigg Boss show.  Girls, watch out for this Adonis who’s definitely oozing with charisma and sex appeal.

Karan Kundra - Bigg boss 8
Karan Kundra – Bigg boss 8




Shiney Ahuja- Bigg boss 8

                Shiney is an award-winning but highly-controversial actor.  Luckily, he’s back on the track now and it seems that more luck is on his side as he joins the powerhouse cast of Bigg Boss Season 8.

Shiney Ahuja- Bigg boss 8
Shiney Ahuja- Bigg boss 8





Gurmeet Choudhary- Bigg boss 8

With Debina aboard, Gurmeet will be there, too! Gurmeet Choudhary had been a winner in a reality dance show Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa Season 5.  He is a trained much-seasoned martial artist, too.  By the way, Debina and Gurmeet tied the knot in 2011.

Gurmeet Choudhary- Bigg boss 8
Gurmeet Choudhary- Bigg boss 8



With our A1 list of celebs aboard, who says that Bigg Boss Season 8 is just another television show on the loop? This is a power we are talking about! Definitely, this celebrity edition goes under the must-watch list.  So guys and gals out there, be sure to tune-in to your television screens once BB8 pilots on September.