Director John Hilcott Unleashes Kate Winslet’s Dark Side in Triple 9


John Hilcott, the Filmmaker behind the violent suspense The Proposition and the Road and other kinds of film noir, had Kate Winslet to star in his latest movie, Triple 9. We all know that Kate Winslet had already starred as a villain in the movies Heavenly Creatures and Divergent. However, the film director boasts that this time, he was the one who had managed to unleash Kate Winslet’s dark side.


Kate Winslet Triple 9
Kate Winslet Triple 9


As for her part, Kate Winslet plays the part of a Russian Israeli Mob Head, a dark role that we haven’t seen her play before.  The entire movie is about a group of former soldiers and cops who decided to live a life of crime by robbing banks and committing other crimes under the supervision of both Law and Mafia.


Most critiques wonder how he managed to do all this, especially to a seven-time Oscar Nominee like Kate Winslet. It’s about time for her to start working beyond her boundaries, he replied. He knows that doing something that great actors and actresses alike haven’t done before are the exact things that they wanted to accomplish. The film director also revealed that he had helped the star by doing the thing that Kate Winslet’s Directors haven’t done before: He had sent her lots of reference materials himself.


Hilcott also revealed that despite lots of actors and actresses that he had worked with before, only Kate Winslet had appreciated his deed so far.

Kate Winslet Triple 9
Kate Winslet Triple 9





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