Kate Winslet at London Divergent Premiere

Everybody knows Kate Winslet for her outstanding performance in Titanic. She received her Oscar Academy award for her role in “The Reader” recently(2008). She is one of the prominent actresses in Hollywood who got roles not for the name sake but for her performance. She got nominated to Academy awards for six times for her roles in Sense and Sensibility(1995), Titanic(1997), Iris(2001), Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind(2004), Little Children(2006) and The Reader(2008). She had also featured in several Television series and got good fame as T.V. actress and host. Apart from her filmy career she is known for her beauty all over the world. In her career apart from Oscar, she had also won Emmy, Grammy and EGOT awards.

Kate Winslet at London Divergent Premiere
Kate Winslet at London Divergent Premiere

She not only got positive comments from audience but also critics acclaimed her performances in several films equally well.

Aging necessarily cannot be a bad thing. Even at this age (38), Kate Winslet is looking as much beautiful as she is in Titanic. Her beauty is increasing just like her performance in films. She is known for her soft roles and she always looks like next door girl. Even after giving birth to three children she maintained her figure very well and frankly she doesn’t look like a mother to three at all. She doesn’t care about aging at all and she is one of the few heroines who talked about aging a lot. She even jokingly told that she had started “British Anti-Cosmetic Surgery League”. Recently she had appeared for London Divergent premiere and stunned everyone there with her real looks. She looked more beautiful without make up and fine lines near her eyes added extra beauty to her.

These premiere pictures are taken in ideal day time lighting without any other artificial light. The angle is also set nicely and that is enough to capture the real beauty of a beauty behind the scenes. It is enough to create an ethereal vibe and it is really fantastic. She gave us inspiration to take care of our body from early twenties so that even if we reach 40 also, we look still young and beautiful.