Kate Winslet Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame bestowed

The recent celebrity to win the Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame is Kate Winslet. The 38 year old actress was honored with Hollywood’s top honor today and it was her first appearance post the birth of her third baby. She was decked up in a radiant black, form-fitting dress which showed off her enviable body as she gave birth to baby boy Bear just three months ago.

Kate Winslet
Kate Winslet

She looked jolly at the event and was seen poking at the mild earthquake that hit Southern California early morning today sharing with folks that it occurred as she was looking forward to breastfeeding her little Bear. She even added that she never knew that it was going to be such a wonderful event as she was referring to the earthquake which shook her a bit. Though she accepted the honor in great spirits, she was frightened by the earthquake quite a lot.

Shailene Woodley, Kate’s co star in Divergent was also seen sharing some words with media persons whereas Kathy Bates Kate’s co-star in Titanic and British actress was spotted making jokes. She made fun and said that she was worried that what would happen to Winslet’s Star on Hollywood Boulevard.

She also exclaimed that Kate Winslet deserved to have stars strewn at her feet but what happens sometimes is that stars on Hollywood Walk of Fame get a little dirty with a little poo or whatever but one thing that would last forever are the wonderful beautiful films and mind-boggling characters which seem to have stolen the hearts of millions. Perhaps nobody can ever poo on them.

Apart from this Kate Winslet has been in nominations for Oscars six times which also includes her role as Rose opposite Leonardo DiCaprio in 1998’s Titanic. And finally swept the golden statue in the year 2009 for her marvelous performance in The Reader she played a guard in Nazi concentration camp.