Kate Winslet The Hollywood Walk of Fame to be conferred

All Kudos to Kate Winslet for she will be conferred upon with A Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame, therefore joining the selective list of movie actors, directors and film industry figures.

Kate Winslet
Kate Winslet

The accolade will be presented to Kate Winslet by James Cameron, Titanic director and her former co-star Kathy Bates.

Reports said that Kate Winslet would receive A Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame in the year 2012 for her outstanding performance in The Reader. The movie also grabbed her Oscars for Best Actress, a BAFTA for playing the lead role as an actress and also a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress.

The Walk of Fame ceremonies producer, Ana Martinez was all excited and stated that they all are so glad that Kate Winslet would be present there at the venue to receive the star which is quite deserving of. She added that Kate Winslet has been doing shining in her roles and fans across the globe are desperately waiting for the special day when she will be honored with A Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame.

Kate Winslet will rank 2520 on the list who will receive this honor. The venue for this grand ceremony where she will be conferred upon with A Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame, is Hollywood Boulevard just outside the W Hollywood Hotel, Los Angeles and the date decided is Monday, March17, 2014.

Other actresses who will be making appearances in this event are Non Stop star Julianne Moore and Jane Lynch from Glee.

The news was in air afterwards when Kate Winslet admitted that she is not aware of any celebrities despite being very good friends with Leonardo DiCaprio as she doesn’t hold keen interest in reality television.

Kate Winslet is a mother of three children and has been married to Ned Rocknroll who happens to be nephew of Virgin billionaire Richard Branson. It was in last December that Kate Winslet gave birth to a baby boy and her first child with Rocknroll.

Besides Kate has two teenage children with Mia and Joe from her previous marriages to Jim Threapleton, director and Sam Mendes, film director respectively.