Kim Kardashian Robbed while Inside a Luxurious French Apartment

Kim Kardashian Robbed while Inside a Luxurious French Apartment

Just after getting herself tackled by a stalker days before, Kim Kardashian was reported to be robbed while staying inside a Luxurious French Apartment, French Police Officials said. The internationally-known Hollywood celebrity was confirmed to have lost at least 8 million Euros (almost 9 million US dollars) worth of jewelry.

Kim Kardashian Robbed while Inside a Luxurious French Apartment
Kim Kardashian Robbed while Inside a Luxurious French Apartment


According to the police report, Ms. Kim Kardashian West was alone inside her room when suddenly, two unidentified men broke in, tied and gagged her up before stealing everything that is of value (including all of her jewelry) before getting away with three other accomplices. The robbery became possible after the perpetrators had made sure that the receptionist was contained beforehand. It is also confirmed that aside from Kardashian’s jewelry, the robbers had taken her wallet containing her credit cards and smartphones as well.


Laurent Riquart, the Paris Police’s investigative unit spokesman said that the five-man-group is also the same group who had robbed the Hôtel de Pourtalès, the VIP residence near the famous Madeleine Church. He also said that the group’s strategy is to prevent the receptionist from alerting the police before going inside their target VIP rooms. According to him, only two of those will initiate the actual robbery, the other two will serve as the group’s lookout and the remaining one will secure their getaway vehicle. The men were also reported to have worn police officer uniforms in order to avoid immediate suspicion.


Because of the incident, Kim Kardashian West had decided to leave France on Monday with her children right after giving her sworn statement to the police. Her spokeswoman already told the Associated Press that she is at least physically okay and her children were fortunately not inside her room when the robbery took place.


Anne Hidalgo, the Paris Mayor had condemned the robbery, saying that the event is a very rare occurrence in addition to the fact that it actually happened inside a private space. Still being confident of the police work, she also emphasized that it is still possible to enjoy Paris despite ‘secure’ conditions.


Florian Philippot, the vice-president of the French right-wing National Front Party, also condemned the violent act against Kardashian. However, he had also warned everyone that the tourism is surely going to suffer because of the event. In addition to that, he had also accused Mayor Hidalgo of being ‘blind’ and living inside an ivory tower.