Prison break season 5

Prison Break Season 5: Things You Must Know About This Reboot

Six years ago, back when the television series had aired its last episode, Wentworth Miller actually implied that the last episode is going to be their end, due to the fact that the show doesn’t show anything that it’s going to return. However, it’s a very rare thing that the TV network is going to allow them to have a sort of closure, that is, to tell the untold stories behind it. As we all know, the Final Break, the show’s series finale had left us a dead and buried Michael Scoffield. And right now, we are all surprised to know that the network had recently announced that ten new episodes from the cult series has been ordered and will be aired early next year.

Prison Break Season 5

It is revealed that the filming of these new episodes is now scheduled this spring after Miller and his screen sibling, Dominic Purcell had finished the first season of The Legends of Tomorrow, the spin-off of The Flash where the pair are also known to be regulars in the series. Needless to say, they’re a pair of busy boys out there.


The Season 5 Main Cast

As of now, more people are now becoming more curious of who’s going to return as a part of the entire cast. Aside from Wentworth Miller, who stars as Michael Scoffield and Dominic Purcell as his brother Lincoln Burrows, it is also announced by Digital Spy that Sarah Wayne Callies, who plays Sara Tancredi had told everyone that she was also contacted by the set concerning her role. This was confirmed right after she signed an official contract two months ago. Needless to say, the Michael-Sara tandem is officially on.


Amaury Nolasco, who plays the role of Fernando Sucre, Michael’s kind-hearted cellmate, also confirmed that he’s going to return with the whole gang. In addition to that, Robert Knepper also returns as the famous and villainous T-Bag who, as we all know, Prison Break won’t be complete without him. This time, he will be joined by Benjamin ‘C-Note’ Franklin, who is played by Rockmond Dunbar. And to top this all, Kellerman is also said to return, though no one knows whose side he is going to be with this time.


Other Cast

Mark Feuerstein is also said to join the entire cast by the name of Scott Ness, who is said to be Dr. Tancredi’s husband. Along with him are Rick Yune as Ja, Augustus Prew as Whip, Marina Benedict as ‘A&W’ and Kunal Sharma as Sid.

Prison Break Season 5: Things You Must Know About This Reboot

Prison Break Season 5: Things You Must Know About This Reboot