Sonia Dutta - Best Radio Presenter in London

Sonia Dutta – Best Radio Presenter in London

Can you please tell us briefly something about yourself and your profession?

I’m a television and radio presenter, currently co presenting the breakfast show on sunrise radio, based in West London.

I am also an Energy Alignment Coach. In brief, I work with my own simplified twist on the Law of Attraction. I run group workshops which allow attendees to consider booking one-to-one sessions. I then tailor make the program for each client going forth.

Sonia Dutta - Best Radio Presenter in London
Sonia Dutta – Best Radio Presenter in London


How would you describe your first radio gig?

Nerve destroying! I got thrown in to cover a talk show!! I didn’t think I was even close to being ready and imagined myself going stone-cold, lost for words, and drowning in embarrassment!

But then they do say, “the time will never be just right. You have to make it the right time”

The comforting part was closing the show knowing it went pretty swimmingly.


What makes your radio station unique? How is it different compared to other radio stations where you previously worked at?

Sunrise Radio, for me, is unique for its ability to remain at the top of its game, consecutively, for decades.

It’s the first and only radio station I’ve presented on.


What is your most favorite part of your job?

Having the privilege to connect with people, local and from across the globe, daily. I love that!


What’s the coolest promotion you’ve been involved in recently?

We have many exciting promotions taking place week in week out. However, the most exciting of all for me would have to be the launch of the new Breakfast show. Its the first time Sunrise Radio chose to employ a doubleheader team on any show. And I’m grateful to be a part of it. And yes, it is pretty cool and mountains of fun!


What was your favorite radio station to listen to when you were a kid?

Gosh, I can’t actually remember the names of the regular ones I listened to as a kid. But it was a great balance of both Western and Asian flavours. I certainly remember when Sunrise Radio came about though! Needless to say, it became an immediate favorite!


What can you say about the issue that you’re a lot more British than Indian since you can speak English fluently and yet, you only know little about Hindi?

Haha!! Thank you for the compliment! Yes my spoken Hindi is pretty laughable. And like many other British Asians, what little I do know is thanks to the abundance of Hindi movies I watched growing up. I would love to be able to speak the language fluently but I just don’t get the time to learn. One day!


Do you love your job? Aside from doing your present job, do you have any other plans in the future?

I do genuinely love what I do. I’m the kind of person that gets bored very very easily. So the variety of work involved and the fact that I get to connect with so many different people from different backgrounds and walks of life certainly keep things fresh! There are many things I’m passionate about, extending from the work I already do. Maybe one day I’ll run my own media production company or my own coaching institution…or something along those lines. Let’s see 🙂