Eating Almonds as a Weight Loss Technique

Eating Almonds as a Weight Loss Technique

Are you fond of eating almonds or anything with almonds in it? If you’re trying to lose more weight, eating almonds is definitely a must, scientists revealed.


Scientific studies have shown that almonds do contain large amounts of healthy protein and fats. Almonds are also known to be satiating, therefore eating them between meals ensure that you’re not going to overeat during mealtime. Needless to say, you’ll definitely cut extra calories that you usually consumed during snacks whenever hunger pangs strike you. They also claimed that because of its rigid cell makeup, not all calories found in almonds are being absorbed by our bodies. And since almonds do have high amounts of protein, it is also known to boost our bodies’ metabolism, therefore aiding in burning out more body fat in addition to its appetite-suppressing capabilities.

After conducting lots of research, scientists have found out that those who are on a diet that consumes almonds in between meals tend to burn calories much easier compared to those who are not. They also found out that those who consume at least a hundred calories worth of almonds per day during snacks are mostly satisfied in terms of suppressing hunger, therefore effectively cutting off excess food consumption. So instead of stuffing yourself with chips or anything that’s available inside your office vending machine, why don’t you instead buy a pack of almonds before going to work?


However, always keep in mind that even though almonds could help you lose more weight, it doesn’t mean that it is a ‘free food’. The truth is, an ounce of almonds contain at least 14 grams of fat and more than 160 calories so eating these in excess amounts won’t be advisable at all. In addition to this fact, you must also take note of the foods that you eat along with almonds. So if you think that eating chocolate-covered almonds in excess is okay, think again. If excessive almond consumption isn’t good, so are eating excess chocolates. And when it comes to salads and other foods, you must also measure each food’s calorie rating whenever possible. In the case of commercially-made yogurt, however, taking a good look at the back of its label will definitely give you some idea.


If you really want to experience the weight loss effect of almonds, you must make sure that you eat it whole as much as possible. If you’re not used to eating those like you do with peanuts, you can also mix it with foods like salads and parfaits for additional flavor and crunch.