Does Eating Bananas make You gain more Weight

Does Eating Bananas make You gain more Weight?

There are two opposite opinions about the issue of banana’s effect when it comes to weight gain. Some people and experts alike claim that eating bananas make you gain more weight; others also claim that the allegations aren’t true. The truth is, when it comes to eating bananas, chances are that you might gain some weight but in a good way.

Does Eating Bananas make You gain more Weight?

According to scientific studies, bananas are known to contain glucose, which is directly converted into stored fat when compared to other nutrients. In addition to this one, a regular cup of banana slices is known to have at least 140 calories or less.


On the other hand, some studies have proven that eating a banana per meal actually helps in digesting food much easier and faster. In addition to that, bananas are known to have lots of nutrients. In this case, experts have pointed out that even though bananas contain high amounts of Vitamin C which could slow burning down of carbohydrates, it also contains high amounts of potassium, which is known to stabilize metabolism. What’s more interesting is that potassium is also known to get involved with muscle buildup and beautiful hair. This is the reason why bodybuilders often eat bananas in between workouts or exercises.


When it comes to the need of picking sides, however, it’s somewhat safer to assume that eating bananas excessively isn’t advisable unless what you’re doing involves rigid physical work. Just like what fitness enthusiasts do, you must watch out for your calorie intake whenever you consume a banana. Since bananas aren’t ‘free food’ (meaning foods you can eat as much as you can), it is very advisable that you must integrate it into your diet as a substitute. Needless to say, you must replace some of your foods if you’re planning to include bananas in your daily diet.


If we’re talking about the issue of eating bananas, on the other hand, it definitely doesn’t hurt to at least eat one banana every day. Even though most of us must pay attention to our calorie intake as we grow older, eating a banana also offers you lots of nutritional benefits aside from the fact that even children could easily eat it because it’s soft. However, if you really wanted to stay fit and healthy at the same time, you must keep in mind that eating foods in excess isn’t advisable, regardless of the issue whether it could add up weight or not.