Running Problems

Embarrassing Problems Runners Usually Experience

Most of us think that having a plus-sized body is an embarrassing problem. That’s the reason behind people trying to find the fitness program that will suit them perfectly. What most people don’t know, however, is that even fitness enthusiasts also suffer embarrassments themselves.

Embarrassing Problems Runners Usually Experience

People nowadays think that running can be considered an ideal fitness training program. Running keeps your body especially leg muscles at work, making you sweat and consumed stored fat. However, runners also suffer different kinds of problems before, during and after running, problems that most people are embarrassed to talk about.


Written below are some of the most embarrassing problems that runners experience before, during and after training:


  1. Bladder Problems especially in Women – Usually common in women who had already experienced childbirth, sudden running pressure experienced by sphincter muscles in the bladder forces some of the urine out. The leak can be mistaken for excess sweat unless it starts giving off unwanted smell.


  1. Releasing ‘Exhaust Fumes’ – Being one of the most ‘natural’ running embarrassments, runners usually fart along the way at some running point at least twice or thrice. This is the most probable reason why expert runners usually run alone.


  1. Runner’s Trots – If in case that you’re one of those who had taken a heavy breakfast right before the running event, there’s a chance that you’re going to expel all of those along the way. And if this is the case, you’ll probably find yourself taking a running detour or a complete halt.


  1. Getting Yourself Lost while Running – Runners who are not familiar with the entire running course or terrain will probably get lost along the way, which often result in longer time completing it. What’s embarrassing, however, is that most people can’t take it.


  1. Toenail Problems – Only seen after running, runners experiencing missing or blackened toenails are usually caused by wearing the wrong shoe size. Toes constantly rubbing the shoe front will cause blisters at first before eventually affecting the toenails in the process.


  1. Acne – Being one of the most common running after-effects, you may find yourself in an embarrassing state especially if you don’t get your pimples treated. In worst cases, pimples eventually result in acne that can affect both your looks and self-confidence. In order to prevent this, make sure that you clean yourself up after you finish your running event or training for the day.


  1. Excessive Sweating – Even though it is only natural for runners to sweat themselves while running, excessive sweating is downright embarrassing. Make sure that you apply a strong antiperspirant before you run.