What Foods to Choose inside a Fast food Whenever You’re Dieting


We all know that nowadays, most people go to the nearest fast food restaurant whenever they feel hungry. In addition to that, this sure sounds torture to those who are dieting or to those who are planning to watch over their calorie consumption.


The truth is, however, not all fast foods are known to add unnecessary calories to those that eat them. The only thing that you must remember is to remember the right kind of foods to order whenever you’re hungry.

What Foods to Choose inside a Fast food Whenever You’re Dieting


Listed below are the fast foods that can be eaten but are perfect for those who are watching out for their calorie intake:


  1. For Breakfast – Aside from the fact that you must not order anything that is very oily inside the fast food restaurant, you must remember to pick up a healthy choice of egg whites, English muffins or lean Canadian bacon instead of your regular pancakes or mashed potato-steak combination.


  1. For Burgers – Unlike those people who are on a diet usually thinks of, not all burgers are a bad choice for those who watch over their calorie intake. The truth is, the simple hamburger, the single-patty inside-a-bun type without ketchups and mayonnaise, is the best choice. In addition to that, make sure that your junior burger doesn’t have an extra cheese serving.


  1. Chicken Breast – Whenever you order a chicken breast inside a fast food restaurant, remember to choose the grilled type instead of the fried and crispy one. If you’re inside a Mexican restaurant, always make sure that you skip on gravy and other creamy sauces. Instead of using those, just stick on using pico de gallo and salsa. In addition to that, make sure that you stuff these inside a taco. Also make sure that you skip on burritos and tortillas.


  1. Salads – If not all burgers are a bad choice, not all salads are a good choice. Your salad can also give you unneeded calories depending on its topping. Being said that, you must skip on salads containing cheese, crispy chicken, tortilla strips and bacon. And instead of using the regular salad dressing, try to use a light dressing or a salsa, if the restaurant has it.


  1. Desserts – It’s only natural for all people to have a craving for sweets. If you’re on a diet, just choose a small serving of ice cream or a fruit parfait instead of those cinnamon buns and large-sized shakes.



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