Friendly Burgers for those Who are Concerned of their Calorie Intake

Friendly Burgers for those Who are Concerned of their Calorie Intake

Nowadays, we all know that burgers are known American food. Almost every American household never fails in consuming at least three per day. However, most of them are now suffering health issues due to the fact that eating burgers aren’t a healthy choice. As we all know, a regular burger consists of a white bread bun, fried burger patties, cheese, ketchup and mayonnaise. As of these usual ingredients, only the ketchup is the healthy choice. That’s the reason why most people in the U.S. are now cutting off burger consumption in order to keep their health in check.

Friendly Burgers for those Who are Concerned of their Calorie Intake


The truth is, burgers are also known for its versatility. As of now, there are many burger variations around the world. Some burgers use regular lean meat but, as we all know, vegetarian meat can also be used. Aside from the traditional beef and ground pork, chicken, turkey and even fish fillet are also used. Being said that, it only depends on your choice nowadays whether your burger is a healthy choice or not.


In addition to that fact, you can also make your own burgers at home, especially if you’re really concerned about your calorie intake. Listed below are the things that you must remember whenever you make one.


  1. If you’re concerned about Burger Patties – If you don’t want your burger patties to have unnecessary fat, make sure that you must choose extra-lean ground beef, extra-lean turkey meat, chicken breast or fish meat for the starters. However, if you’re on a vegan diet, you can use vegetarian burger patties or even Portobello mushrooms as meat. Portobello mushrooms are large-sized mushrooms that taste perfect when baked. Due to its large size, you can either use this as a substitute for burger patties and even for burger buns when grilled.


  1. If you’re worried about condiments – Most seasonings and condiments aren’t an issue, especially if you put it to your burgers. As a matter of fact, mustard and ketchup are well-known best friends of a burger. You can also use pickles, cheese and mayonnaise to your burgers. However, always make sure that you only use it to a minimum.


  1. Toppings to put inside your burger – As we all know, the more colorful your burger is, the better. You can put grilled vegetables and fruits such as onion and pineapple rings inside your burger in addition to sliced tomatoes and fresh lettuce.