How to Save Yourself From Extra 100 Calories Per Day


Almost all people wanted to have a very fit gym body, especially during summer time. However, the truth is, only a very few have the guts to undergo a well-disciplined health regimen. In addition to that fact, most people aren’t watching what they’re actually eating.


It’s a very good thing if we want to become healthy. It’s a good thing if we are doing some exercises in order to burn or trim down unneeded fat. However, we can also improve the situation by taking a closer look at what we actually eat. As we all know, in order to keep our bodies and health in check, we must watch out for the amount of calories that we actually consume every day. The right amount of calories that you must consume depends on what kind of job and activities you have.


Let’s just say that you’re a typical working person and you’re now watching out your calorie consumption. If you think that it’s necessary for you to shed some calories, you can trim down your calorie intake by at least a hundred by doing these simple things:


  1. Spray the cooking oil instead of pouring it into your frying pan. Since it is very easy for us to pour more cooking oil in our pans compared to the right amount that is needed, we must use a non-stick spray instead of the traditional oil bottle. By using this method, not only will you save one hundred calories or more; you will also save up some of the cooking oil for later use.
    How to Save Yourself From Extra 100 Calories Per Day


  1. Drink water instead of soda or any other kind of beverage. Nowadays, most people in the U.S. usually consume more soda instead of water in order to quench their own thirst. Scientific studies have shown that an 8 .oz can of soda beverage adds up to 145 calories in your body. Instead of drinking soda, just drink fresh and cold water.
    How to Save Yourself From Extra 100 Calories Per Day


  1. Change your preferred food condiments. Most of us usually enjoy our burgers and hotdogs with lots of mayonnaise. However, studies have shown that a tablespoon of mayo gives you additional 100 calories along 10 grams of fat. So instead of using mayonnaise, just use mustard, which was shown to contain almost no calories. And instead of your usual Caesar salad dressing, use salsa, which is known to give the same benefit to your choice salad but less the calories.
    How to Save Yourself From Extra 100 Calories Per Day



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