Weight Loss Benefits of Eating Quinoa

Weight Loss Benefits of Eating Quinoa

To those who didn’t know, quinoa is actually a plant that is grown mainly for its edible seeds. The seeds taste bitter since it contains Saponin, which is a kind of toxin. However, technological advancement nowadays has made it possible to remove this one. That’s the reason why quinoa is now being sold commercially and is possible for human consumption. The seeds are usually being ground and boiled just as people do with rice. The only advantage with this one is that it gets cooked faster.

Weight Loss Benefits of Eating Quinoa

Cutting long introductions short, eating quinoa offers us lots of health benefits. Aside from the fact that it doesn’t contain any gluten, it is also known for its high amount of protein.  Since protein is known to speed up people’s metabolism, there’s definitely no doubt about its fat burning capabilities. In addition to that, protein is also known to suppress one’s appetite, therefore making you eat less. If you’re still not convinced, be informed also that it contains quercetin, an antioxidant that is known not only for speeding up a body’s metabolism but also for decreasing one’s obesity. And since it also contains fiber, not only it is going to fill you up much faster; it will also clean your intestines out of harmful substances that reside therein.


The truth is, even though quinoa is being consumed by people as you would with grains, quinoa only has a very little amount of carbohydrates per seed, aside from the fact that it is a cereal at all. What’s more interesting with this one is that you can eat it along with almost any food. It can also be mixed along with salads and other breakfast foods. And since quinoa contains no fat, vegetarians and vegans alike can enjoy eating it without having to feel guilty since it isn’t meat.


However, just like other protein-rich foods, eating quinoa in excess amounts isn’t advisable at all. Since a serving of cooked quinoa contains at least 200 calories, you must stick to eating a serving per meal. In addition to this, you must also keep watch of your calorie intake. You may be sticking with a strict habit of taking a single serving of cooked quinoa per meal but you must take note of the foods you consume per meal as a whole. To say things straight, eating quinoa in order to lose weight is nothing if you don’t monitor your consumption of other foods as well.