health benefits of buttermilk

8 health benefits of buttermilk in summer

Undoubtedly summer is the season when everyone wants to drink eat and be cool.  Cool or Thanda is the attractive part during this scorching heat.  One of the best cold thing to drink during summer is the buttermilk or chaanch as told in hindi.  It not only quenches thirst but also gets you refreshed in no time.  Most of the beneficial properties associated with milk are retained in buttermilk. This just adds to the numerous reason why one should include buttermilk on their daily diet.  It has some of the wonderful benefits health wise as well as beauty wise.  So keep drinking this cold drink.


health benefits of buttermilk
health benefits of buttermilk


Reasons are as follows

  • Effective skin lightening agent:  Buttermilk contains large amounts of lactic acid, which is part of several expensive beauty products.  This lactic acid helps in softening and brightening skin, acting as a natural remedy to dark spots and tanned patches on skin. Grind dry orange peel and combine it with buttermilk, apply it on your face and leave it for 30 min after which rinse it off with cold water.  You will see remarkable difference if you continue to do it for a month.
  • Effective treatment for sunburn:  Buttermilk is a natural lotion and helps treat sunburn.  Mix buttermilk with tomato juice and apply it in the affected area, this will help the skin heal better.  Once you wash the mix off, you will feel much cooler and better from the sting of sunburn.
  • Anti-ageing benefits:  Buttermilk mixed with honey works as a great anti-ageing solution.  Honey acts as a natural cleanser while buttermilk acts as a moisturiser, lightens and exfoliates skin.
  • Baby soft skin:  Add a cup of buttermilk and oats mixture to your bathtub, and soak in it for 15-20 minutes to get baby soft skin.
  • Great hair conditioner:  Add 1 banana, 2 tablespoons of honey in one cup of buttermilk.  Apply this mask to your scalp and hair and leave it for 45 min before washing it off.  You will get extremely soft hair.

These are the great reasons why one should always have buttermilk!


benefits of buttermilk
benefits of buttermilk


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