Dark Chocolate

The advantages of Dark Chocolate

Almost all the people agree that dark chocolate is very tasty but most of the times people try to avoid dark chocolate by citing diet consciousness. According to scientists, the usage of cocoa is since 1200B.C. Most of the dark chocolate is loaded with cocoa only. Here are the top 5 reasons that will make you eat dark chocolate.

Dark Chocolate
Dark Chocolate

One needs to know the difference between the real chocolate and the bad chocolate. Real chocolate isn’t junk food. Usually chocolate which contains sugar candy is bad and the original one can act as antioxidant. The dark chocolate which does not contain sugar is slightly bitter in taste.

The cocoa powder is the best way to feed the good bacteria in our body. It helps to reduce cardiovascular disease by fermenting the good bacteria into anti-inflammatory compounds. This is how the cocoa powder works and it is revealed by a famous and reputed US chemical society.

The most interesting fact about chocolate is, it can help in maintaining low hypertension rate and low blood pressure rate. All of us know that flavonoids help in reducing the hyper tension and blood pressure. Even the small reductions in the BP can reduce the heart related diseases substantially.

Chocolate is very rich in Iron. Those who are having iron deficiency can take chocolate to sort out the deficiency. Usually people think Spinach is very rich in Iron. But the chocolate which contains 70-75% of cocoa will have three times more iron than the spinach of same quantities.

This is an interesting fact. Cocoa can ease the crankiness. In a recent survey, more than 65% of people said that they are feeling better after eating dark chocolate when they are in gloomy mood. Whenever they are eating the chocolate, they will enjoy its fattiness, sweetness and its optimal mouth feel. Its psychoactive ingredients can help in easily recovering from sad situations.

The benefits list is not limited to above. But too much of anything is bad. Try to balance your diet instead of concentrating on one specific food. Instead of going for candy chocolate opt for dark chocolate as it is rich in cocoa and provides the above benefits.