Domino's burger pizza

Domino’s New Burger Pizza Review

Yesterday, I ordered some pizza from Domino’s along with their newest product, the burger pizza for me and my mother. Actually priced at Rs. 149 (along with the tax), the burger pizza is somewhat costly for its size. However, after sharing a half of it along with my mother and tasting it afterwards, we both realized that eating one (or at least half) of it really isn’t enough. After giving it a 10/10 taste rating, we looked at each other and then agreed to order burger pizza again.

Domino's burger pizza
Domino’s burger pizza


Being one of the most versatile foods, we all know that there are actually many types of pizza as of this date. We also witnessed pizzas with burger toppings along with stuffed crusts. However, we haven’t heard anything about burger pizza, that is; until Domino’s had finally decided to make one.


On its Facebook Page, the Domino’s Pizza India had announced its latest product, the burger pizza along with its famous tag, ‘Looks like a burger, tastes like a pizza’. Despite having a regular burger’s size, the burger pizza is actually a burger-sized pizza crust that is filled with cheese and regular pizza toppings. But what really caught our attention is that the burger pizza bun is topped with herbs and spices along with the fact that it also comes with a small pizza box.


As of now, Domino’s Pizza offers four types of pizza burgers, which comes in both meat and vegetarian types, one of which is Burger Pizza-Premium Veg, the one we ordered. If you’re eating pizzas at Domino’s Pizza India, this is definitely a must-try. And just as it is with Domino’s, you can opt for home delivery if you don’t want to go inside their stores and order the burger pizza yourself.


After seeing and tasting the burger pizza ourselves, me and my mother are both sure that Domino’s had succeeded in making a whole new addition in their very awesome food menu. Even though having a Western origin, the burger pizza looks mouth-watering both in advertisements and in actual. And after tasting it, we’ve got no regrets giving it a 10/10 taste rating.


As for the time of this writing, the burger pizza is only offered in Domino’s Pizza India. However, due to its successful launch, other nationalities are also looking forward to seeing the Domino’s Pizza branches in their country serve this mouth-watering treat.

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