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The Five Best Noodle Shops in San Francisco

It’s only natural for Asians to look for a hot and delicious noodle dish whenever the climate turns cold and foggy in their neighborhood. However, due to the fact that Asians are now living inside America, the custom is now slowly being adapted by some Americans. These Americans are now enjoying the taste of eating noodle soups during cold mornings and evenings since noodle shops run by Asians can be seen in the neighborhood.


If you’re living in San Francisco, you will be amazed at how many noodle shops are out there. However, if you’re looking for the best ones out there, these are the ones that you should look for:


  1. The Ramen Bar (Financial District) – Whether you’re looking for a full-fledged Hokkaido Miso broth ramen with lots of corn or a Ginger Chicken Ramen, the Ramen Bar is definitely the first place to look for. You’ll never get lost since it is located right in the center of the Financial District.

The Five Best Noodle Shops in San Francisco


  1. Sai’s (Financial District) – If you’re looking for a rather quick response for your order, eating at Sai’s will satisfy you. While you are waiting for your Chicken Pho order, you will be served some hot tea as you wait. And since almost all tables are occupied every day, you won’t even think of experiencing eating alone. In addition to that, you’ll definitely have new friends.

The Five Best Noodle Shops in San Francisco


  1. Izakaya Sozai (Inner Sunset) – If you’re looking for a world-class Tonkatsu Ramen, Izakaya Sozai is the place where you must go. Actually very famous not only inside San Francisco, Izakaya Sozai is also known even in places as far as Tokyo, Japan.


  1. Miki (The Richmond) – Let’s just say that you’re the type who eats ramen but doesn’t like eating it in a usual kind of way. If this is your case, try your luck inside Miki. This enables you to personalize your ramen by letting you choose what you put inside your bowl, starting from broth up to the toppings. You can complete your satisfying meal by sipping a bottle of Sake or two.

The Five Best Noodle Shops in San Francisco


  1. Ken Ken Ramen (The Mission) – If you like to experience eating inside a noodle house with a purely Chinese atmosphere without leaving San Francisco, just look for Ken Ken Ramen. Not only will you eat noodles and Chinese dishes; you’re going to experience eating it inside a Chinese place.

The Five Best Noodle Shops in San Francisco