Is there a holistic diet which is tasty, healthy and easy on the pocket?

The idea of a holistic and healthy, balanced diet nowadays is not very easy to come by. The ease and convenience at which fast-food and the likes can be reached at any time of the day or night have brought about a large change in the dietary habits of millennials today. The idea of eating or getting food delivered from somewhere outside was actually a concept of luxury until the last decade or so, however has now become the norm for those who work the daily grind, barely having the time or patience to eat a hot, fresh, home-cooked meal, which, surprisingly, now, has become almost a luxury. However, it is a luxury of time and convenience rather than in a monetary sense.

Eating healthy and thus staying healthy is something we have all been taught since we were young children, but something we barely have time for nowadays. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to take time out of our lives to plan out a balanced diet and stick to it, especially since different kinds of work ends up keeping people at their jobs at odd hours, thus forcing them to have something delivered to their workplace from an online food order app instead.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways people can start to consume tasty yet nourishing food without wasting too much of their time, or spending too much money either:

  1. Making grocery lists (and strictly adhering to the list): Make a shopping list maybe once a week, and when you get a day off, make sure that you have the time to go to the market to pick up what you noted down, and make sure that the list is healthy, and always remember to stick to the list no matter what temptations may arise along the way.
  2. Always pick fresh or frozen food over canned goods: Canned vegetables and soups etc always contain large amounts of sodium, and canned fruits always contain loads of adds sugar. Try to always pick fresh food, as it is the best option to go with.
  3. Avoid sweetened/carbonated drinks: Added sugar is always a big negative for a dietary balance, and is very strongly linked to cardiovascular diseases, weight gain and problems like diabetes.
  4. Keep the healthiest food in front of the fridge: This is a rather simple to understand the trick. Keep the good healthy stuff out front in the fridge, so that its always within easy reach in case of hunger or a snack, rather than an unhealthy one.
  5. Eat a healthy and hearty breakfast: Breakfast is always the most important meal of the day, and so if one manages to eat a filling and healthy breakfast, temptations for unhealthy habits like snacking and over-eating lunch is canceled out altogether.

Eat Fit and stay healthy. This is the most common advice that doctors, nutritionists and fitness professionals always try to give us. In all actuality, if someone is determined enough to stick to a dietary plan, and to make sure that there aren’t instances of binging on snacks and sweets, he/she would be more than able to accomplish a healthy and holistic diet without spending too much valuable money or time.

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