dominos farmhouse pizza

How to make dominos farmhouse pizza at home

Pizza is the favorite food of everybody.  From children to adults everyone likes this dish.  At times it is not feasible to get the dish every time from outside, as it might pinch the pocket.  So one wonders, if we can get the same Domino thin crust pizza at home?  So the answer is yes, one can make the same think crust pizza at home and enjoy it equally.  This is a globally favorite dish and is definitely mouthwatering.  It has become so popular as it is convenient to have and can be had anywhere.


dominos farmhouse pizza
dominos farmhouse pizza


This kind of food fantasy can be fulfilled at home with few basic ingredients to prepare the farmhouse pizza.


dominos farmhouse pizza
dominos farmhouse pizza



  • Pizza base-1
  • Pizza sauce-1/2 bowl
  • Grated Mozzarella cheese-1/2 bowl
  • Chopped Jalapeno-2
  • Chopped olives-5
  • Chopped onion-1
  • Chopped tomato-1
  • Chopped babycorn-5
  • Capsicum-1
  • Garlic as per your taste
  • Chilli flakes ask per your need
  • Salt according to taste


Take pizza base and apply pizza sauce on it.  Now put the Mozzarella cheese on it.  Now put all the veggies, jalapeno, olives, tomato, baby corn etc.  Now your topping is ready.  Sprinkle garlic, chilli flakes and salt on the toppig.  Now bake the pizza in preheated oven at 180 degrees C for about 15 minutes.  Voila your dish is ready at home to eat with family and friends.


dominos farmhouse pizza
dominos farmhouse pizza


The time taken to prepare it is really less and you get the desired dish at home without having to spend much time, money and energy in going to the outlet buying it and having the pizza there.  Instead you can make it at home and it comes out the same way as it does in the shop.