How to Make Jello Shots, How to make jello shots using vodka

Jello Shooters or so called Jello Shots are mixtures of your favorite color and flavor gelatin. This shots can also be added with some spirit wine for adults that are served in shot- size servings. This simple yet so delightful treat that will surely love by most kids and adults in your neighborhood. There comes in different attractive colors that can be serve with a stick on it. Everybody can make this jello shots in this easy steps.


How to Make Jello Shots
How to Make Jello Shots




  • 1 small package of grape gelatin or any flavor you wish
  • 1 cup of boiling water
  • ¼ cup cold water or juice like grape. Apple or any flavor you desired
  • ¾ cup of triple olive grape vodka, but for the kids jello shots use plain flavored gelatin
  • Fresh fruit (pineapple, cherries, etc.), sugar sprinkles or other garnish you like




o   In a mixing bowl, pour the boiling water over the gelatin and mix well to dissolve

o   Add an alcoholic beverages you please and stir thoroughly.

o   Pour the mixture to a shot glass or jello shot cups.

o   You can also add sticks on them before freezing.

o   If you want a much harder jello, place them on a baking tray and cut them on your desired cuts.

o   Check the jello shots every now and then to make sure they are perfectly frozen.

o   Refrigerate the finish product until well- done. It will usually takes about 6 hours to fully freeze.

o   Serve with sugar toppings or cherry or peppermint.

o    Makes a 30- 32 servings.

o   Enjoy this delightful treat that gives your party a new twist.



  • Never pour an alcoholic drinks into the boiling water if you want a non- alcoholic jello shots.
  • Use jello shot cups with lids to make it easier in storing and serving the jellos.
  • To eat the jello shooters, run the stick or your finger (if no stick provided) around the edge of the shooter’s cup to loosen it up.


This jello shots will surely sets your creative minds to the limit. The more creative you are in your jellos, the more enjoyable your party or occassion.


How to Make Jello Shots
How to Make Jello Shots