how to make skittles vodka

How to make skittles vodka

Drinks have become very common in today’s lifestyle.  There are different ways of making your own favorite drink or there can be creativity and one can innovate new ways or methods of making a particular drink which will look colourful and will also taste good at the same time.  This can be done at home and given to your friends and family.  This way people also get impressed by the way the drinks are made and few might become a fan of you as well.  One of the things that can be made at home is Skittles Vodka.  All that you need is Vodka and Skittles Candies.


how to make skittles vodka
how to make skittles vodka



A handle of Vodka per bag of skittles

A large bag of Skittle candies


ü  Single serving 25 ml shot:  Separate the flavors of skittle.  Usually lime and grape flavor are not used as it might give a weird taste.

ü  Add six skittles to 25 ml of vodka:  Keep swirling the mixture until the skittles are dissolved.  The ratio of skittles and vodka varies from recipe to recipe.

ü  Filter out remaining skittles:  With single serving like this you can decide which flavor you like the best.

ü  Bottles of skittled vodka:  Pour out some vodka from a bottle to make some room for skittles.  Separate the skittles by colour.  Add the skittles 20-25 per 350ml.  Let the mixture sit for a day or two.  Shake well in between so that it gets mixed well.  strain out the skittles using filter and then refrigerate it.

Use the following technique and you can have your favorite flavored drink at home.  It is extremely easy to make and will not cost you much either.  It can be used for any kind of party at home or a small get together of friends and families.  You can also take it as a gift to your friend’s house and enjoy the drink there.

Relax and have fun with flavored vodka.  Extremely easy to make and one can enjoy and relish the drink at home with much ease and comfort.


how to make skittles vodka
how to make skittles vodka