How to prepare lunch box for kids – 3 Easy Steps


It’s back to school for kids, and back to lunchbox preparations for moms. In other countries like Japan, kids and moms alike set up their ‘bento’ in most creative ways. Hence, kids always look forward to sharing their lunches with their classmates and can even boast about their lunch boxes despite having simple meals.


lunch box for kids
lunch box for kids


Having doubts if you can do the same? Free yourself from such worries.  Here are easy and resourceful tips to help you gear up your child with that promising lunchbox.


 Invest on tools and stock your kitchen with the basics.

Pack your food cupboard with the daily necessities such as eggs, cold-cuts, bread, carrots, cucumber, fruits, cookies and other healthy stuffs. Buy inexpensive tools to help you create pretty lunch preparation for your kid. Mainly, invest on an enticing bento box or a lunch box with multiple compartments. Other decorative accessories such as skewers, sandwich molds, veggie cutters, paper cups and toothpicks will liven up that food box.  The main idea here is experimenting on colors with the added value of nutrition.


Invest on ideas and concepts.

If you want to set an edge, benefitting your child in a process, what’s a few more taps and clicks on your tab or mobile phone? You can be inspired with other mom’s ideas. Visit blogs or websites about lunchbox recipes and preparations. It will help you get inspired.


 Set compact nutritive value on that pretty box.

Never gamble your child’s health because of mere cuteness.  Select food with high nutritive value but are colorful at the same time.  Remember those little compartments? You can always choose what to put in them.  You can add your child’s favorite fruit in one of those and sweets at the other, but do not neglect the basic meal like rice or bread.


See… packing up lunch shouldn’t be dull, messy or a mere routine.  Keep in thought also, that what you give is what your child receives.  When you prepare something out of love—and not out of mere task—you are emitting good vibes and that makes your child healthy and special.  Good luck!


lunch box for kids
lunch box for kids


lunch box for kids
lunch box for kids



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