KFC Meals that only Contain 500 or Less Calories

Must-eat KFC Meals that only Contain 500 or Less Calories

If you’re a busy worker, the only thing you’ll think is to head to the nearest fast food chain during meal time. However, if you’re somewhat conscious of your health because of a previous hospital trip, chances are that you’ll find it difficult to find a place where you can find foods that will suit you.

Must-eat KFC Meals that only Contain 500 or Less Calories

The good news is, KFC also offers healthy meals despite the fact that most foods on their menu are fried. If it isn’t fried, the serving is family-sized so it’s somewhat challenging to consider what foods are you going to eat. In this case, the only thing that is going to limit you is none other than your own self.


If you’re curious about KFC’s healthy menu, these are the things that you must consider first before ordering your meal. However, be informed also that 500-calorie meals are only recommended for those who work inside the office. In addition to that, work description could also affect your required calorie intake.


  1. Make sure that you only order single-serve items. Most of us find it very convenient to order bulk meals since it’s greater when it comes to quantity aside from the fact that it’s cheaper. However, it’s not good if you’re going to look at the additional calories. In this case, it’s much better for you to order single-serve food items.


  1. Only order grilled Chicken. If grilled chicken is available, make sure that you only order those. And be careful also when choosing side dishes.


KFC Meals containing less than 500 Calories

  • Traditional KFC Meal (480 Calories) – This meal is composed of Original Recipe Chicken Breast (320 cal), Corn on the Cob (70 cal) and Mashed Potatoes (90 cal).


  • Grilled Chicken Meal (425 Calories) – This meal includes Kentucky Grilled Chicken Breast (220 cal), Green Beans (25 cal) and Biscuits (180 cal).


  • Crispy Chicken Meal (450 Calories) – This is composed of Crispy Chicken Caesar Salad (330 cal), Marzetti Light Italian Dressing (15 cal) and Cornbread Half Muffin (105 cal).


As you can all see, the 500-calorie rating is only suitable for those who have light to moderate office work. However, in the case of blue collar jobs such as construction work, it’s much better if you’re going to eat heavier meals in order to make sure that you have more energy to last for an entire day.