200GB microSD card of SanDisk

200GB microSD card of SanDisk

Just before the unveiling of the said SD card, the title holder had been the 128GB microSD that was just available for numerous high-end (or mid-range devices under the brands of Samsung, HTC and LG.


200GB microSD card of SanDisk
200GB microSD card of SanDisk


The company behind the 200GB card actually used the same method of technology that made 128GB microSD card possible to make the gigantic storage card we have today.  With a wee bit of redesigning the concept and production technique…voila! They were able to come up with the product and that is 200GB microSD.  Mind you, people,with 90Mbps as transfer rate, the device handlers can transfer at least 1,200 photos in just a minute!


SanDisk’s Vice President, Christopher Chute, expressed statistics wherein 70% of the snapped photos were done using a smartphone or a tablet.  It is then expected that by 2019, the percentage will increase into 90%; hence, the demand for bigger storage comes in, and SanDisk is ready to cater for such demand. We must also note that the cameras of both smartphones and tablets are getting upgraded.  Snapshots with good quality image mean bigger size.


Anticipated to be launched by the second quarter, 200GB SanDisk Ultra microSDXC UHS-I card,Premium Editiongoes with a price tag of almost $400.00 with a ten-year warranty.  The microSDcard also is certified to be magnet proof, waterproof, temperature proof and X-ray proof, which simply purports that the storage will endure in almost about anything.