Things You Must Know About USB Type-C

4 Major Things You Must Know About USB Type-C

Another USB standard has been released and Apple’s Macbook is the very first device to use this. Along with the Macbook are LeTV’s Le Superphone, Nokia N1 and SandDisk Dual USB Drive Type C.  USB Type-C holds much promise of the latest USB technology.  Unfortunately for most of us, devices using this cable/portconnectionare still a handful.  Fortunately, it’s upcoming and are expected to be seen on soon-to-be-released gadgets within this year.


Question: What does USB Type-C offer this time? In contrast with the USB 3.0, what does this diminutive cable capable of?

Things You Must Know About USB Type-C
Things You Must Know About USB Type-C


  1. This time, you can plug your cable to your device port in an easier way.
  • No need for you to check out whether you plugged the cable the wrong way. Both connections are symmetrically formed so there’ll be no such thing as an “upside-down” design.


  1. Double the speed of USB 3.0 and you have the speed of USB Type-C.
  • Type-C runs on a USB 3.1 standard, making it speedier than the 3.0 version. While the latter has a transfer rate of 10 Gbps, Type-C can transfer data in a mere 5Gbps.


  1. Renders Fast Charging
  • The recent version is only offers 5V and 1.8A, while Type C offers 20V and 5A with power up to 100 watts. So what do these stats convey? Meaning, our new friend here can render fast charging experience for our devices compatible or has a dongle permitting attachment of it.


  1. Dongles, Everyone?
  • You don’t have yet the hottest USB cable or port…so what? You improvise using dongles.  For the transition period, these things will do and might be your newest BFF for the time being.