4K display on a phone

Why We Do not Need a 4k Display for our Phones… Yet

Surely the cutthroat competition between device or phone manufacturers today can really set the company into the edge.  With innovations such as Apple’s Retina Screen way back in 2010, the impressive HD adventure in 720×1280 pixel resolution screens and the latest feat of HTC with their J Butterfly that has a whopping 1080 x 1920 pixels resolution… the competition really gets tough.

4K display on a phone
4K display on a phone


Moving on, LG introduced us into the experience of Quad HD having the pixels resolution of 1440×2560 through LG G3.  And coming after it to claim the throne is the controversial and much anticipated Sony Xperia Z5 Premium that promises to a 4k Ultra HD (or UHD) having the screen resolution of 2160×3840.  It has the pixel density of a massive 800ppi.


Despite the positive uproar and excitement, let us consider the idea of having a 4k UHD screen right on the palms of our hands.  Do we really need this highly resolute screen display today?  Let us point out why Sony Xperia Z5’s display offer is untimely.



  • Sony Xperia Z5 is having Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 chipset on board and this put images of overheating and throttling phone into our imagination. Other than this we must consider how will Snapdragon 810 together with Adreno 430 GPU can perform.  Any idea on mind for the probable outcome?


  • Battery— just one word and half would be cut away from the eager crowd. However, there’s a big twist in this… Sony is known and greatly respected for its power optimization technology.


  • You won’t probably notice the difference between the Quad HD screen and 1080p screen.


  • 4k videos are yet to propagate so it means that you will still have to wait. Although video streaming sites like YouTube, Netflix and Amazon do have a collection, they are still few and adjustments may take time.