Acer Liquid X2

Acer Liquid X2 – Specifications and Initial Details

Acer may not be popular in the United States such as the big mobile companies like Apple, Samsung, HTC and LG.  However, the brand is respectable in some continents, particularly in Asia and Europe.  Acer is popular when it comes to their netbooks and laptops but they are just building trust on their consumers when it comes to smartphone devices.

Acer Liquid X2
Acer Liquid X2


In trying to win consumers in the U.S., Acer has released their official teaser of Acer Liquid X2 in none other than the Big Apple itself, New York City.  Unfortunately, the models are still locked inside their glass case so we’ll have to wait until Liquid X2 is officially introduced.  There’s no word yet about the pricing and release but sensing from the maker, it won’t be for too long.


Meanwhile, looking from the outside of the glass boxes, you can’t notice immediately the flip cover with an elongated oval hole called as Quick Touch Flip.  Through the opening, you can see the exhibited widget displayed on the screen—perhaps—when the screen is locked.  The casing itself holds another story as it is said to be of textured pattern.  But one may find it hard knowing from outside the glass cases.


Teaser info tells that Liquid X2 features a 5.5-inch display, 64-bit Octacore processor, Tri-SIM support, 13MP snappers (both primary and front) and a beefy juicer of 4000 mAh.  Considering these main specs, we can’t help but to get excited on its official debut.



Acer Liquid X2 Specifications:

  • Display : 5.5” touchscreen
  • Chipset/CPU : 64-bit, 8-core CPU
  • Camera : (primary) 13MP autofocus, f/1.8 aperture; (front) 13MP
  • Battery : 4,000 mAh