Adjust Volume without Pressing Physical Buttons

How to Adjust Volume without Pressing Physical Buttons : Android Phone Tutorial

The reason why phone designers and manufacturers would not erase the presence of the physical buttons on their handsets is the customers’ claim of easy access on volume or navigation.  It is absolutely logical, we must agree.  However, what the majority believes may not be applicable to some.


Owners of smartphones following the design of iPhone’s Control Center may find the physical buttons irksome and not altogether convenient.   If you have this problem, we can recommend two Android Volume Manager apps that act as widget, thus, convenience when it comes to their usage.


Adjust Volume without Pressing Physical Buttons
Adjust Volume without Pressing Physical Buttons




As the name suggests, the Virtual Notification can be adjusted through the notification drawer of your Android smartphone.  For example, you are watching a movie from YouTube, you can just pull out the notification bar and tap on the buttons to regulate volume or mute the sound.


You can configure the notification widget to load upon start-up from the application settings.  As you may notice, it doesn’t make use of a volume slider but that is due to some technical limitations according to the developer.




Virtual Volume is a free-of charge app from an Italian developer.  It helps you adjust the volume through a floating speaker icon that you can tap on.  It easily opens a volume slider and you can easily regulate your desired audio volume from there.  The icon itself can be customized in size, transparency and location on the screen.


Upon your configuration, it can launch itself when you access apps like YouTube.  Ads appear only when you go inside its settings page and not during the usage of widget.